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So I and the gang have been planning for a little while. Y'know, we're only just starting out. I mean, a few people have heard of us but overall we're kind of nobodies. And that might be fine for some of the mooks and idiots who follow me, but I want to be known. I want the people I rob to know who robbed 'em, and why. So we chose an unusual target, to help us make our entrance.

Bigelow Advertising was the right kind of place. Big, but not too big. They didn't really have their own security, just a couple of idiots who thought they were hot shit. And they were a growing company, so they already had lots of people's attention. And I'd seen their social media shit. It was good, and we needed good.

After all, a woman's best weapon is fear.

I stormed into the first floor of the office building, the group in tow. I sauntered up to the desk and asked which floor the advertising agency was on. I tell two of my guys to take the stairs so that we're covered there. I have two of my women go up first to make sure we don't have any unexpected surprises. I post my last woman, Felicia, at the front door. Since she's the only one who isn't a total idiot, I'm trusting her to handle it when the cops show up. Then, after a few minutes, I get in an elevator and ride it up to the sixth floor. I open the door, pull out my gun and point it at the handful of people in the office. "Nobody move." I said calmly.
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They actually get out the door this time. Everyone freezes where they are, and I count to twenty in my head, slowly as I can make myself. Maybe five seconds.

Then I swing for the phone on my desk and dial 911. "Hello? There was an armed robbery. At least two injured, maybe more; the robbers just left." I give them the address and my name, then say that yes, I can stay on the line.

"Hey!" I cover the lower half of my phone with my hand and pretend this is a training exercise. "Who has first aid experience!" My heart is in my throat and I couldn't keep my hands steady to save my life, but. I have to do something.


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